Our Mission

Artwork can be subjected to a wide variety of damaging influences. They age, degrade through environmental or other influences, become damaged during transportation, or may be lost, copied, and altered. Genuine masterpieces may be substituted by forgeries so good that even the original owners may not be able to distinguish between the original and the copy. Even today such forgeries may be discovered in prominent museums. All of these challenges are addressed by highly experienced professionals - connoisseurs, conservators, art historians, and others. This is very responsible work, and it requires specialist technology and expertise - to evaluate the structure, materials, and composition of various pieces of art - all for construction of the most complete data set about the artwork being studied.

The team at The True Image Solution Ltd. is focused on the scientific investigation and provenance research of cultural artefacts, more specifically art objects. We collaborate with museums and conservation laboratories in order to conduct comparative studies between well-known techniques and new innovative developments. Our team works with cutting edge scientific technology which it continuously evolves alongside its collaboration with some of the finest scholars and art experts in the world.