Our arsenal includes devices for following types of analysis:

...and this list is constantly expanding.

One of the challenges for taking artwork to the Lab is the risk of damage and the financial consequences of the move as well as potential security risks. Even when art work is taken to the Lab insurance costs may be prohibitive. We can overcome those aspects by bringing the technology to the artwork in most cases it is not even necessary for us to touch the artwork. We have collected the technology to create a mobile facility and are ready to deliver a scientific-grade examination at virtually any location.

The True Image Solution Ltd. has an innovative range of services to support the global fine art community and a new approach to access some market segments not well served today.

On site experiment

In many cases it may be impractical to move an artwork for study and by performing services “on-site” (at the client’s location) we are facilitating study of these artworks. Many esteemed institutions have the capability to do comparable studies but few are backed by the research of a dedicated team such as The Institute for diagnostic Imaging Research.