High Resolution Microscopy

Microscopy is one of the most senior analysis tools available to art analysts. Optical microscopy and its modifications become especially useful when a study of microsamples is conducted, and the structure of layers is of interest (this is known as stratigraphy of paint layers). On the other hand, microscopy provides very important clues on the origins and age of craquelure. From highly magnified images of crack edges a connoisseur can conclude on whether they are the result of slow paint drying or fast drying in an oven, which is one of tricks used by forgers.

At The True Image Solution we have a sophisticated microscopic system which allows us to acquire high resolution images with magnification from 20x to 5000x. The top technology of the system is capable of handling problems caused by non-flatness of surface, it is equipped with advanced software for performing measurements such as crack and canvas threads parameters.